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      Since the day he was born, the world of professional wrestling has been a part of the life of Ken Wayne. Son of legendary wrestler and promoter Buddy Wayne, Ken found himself doing virtually everything in the world of wrestling from a young age to this very day. After paying the dues of the day, Ken eventually became a professional wrestler himself and had a successful and respected career in the ring until he decided to retire from active competition in the spring of 2005. Ken earned much success as one half of the "Nightmares" with Danny Davis, who now operates Ohio Valley Wrestling. While many will remember him for his "Nightmare" days, Ken has competed all over the world in both singles and tag team divisions. He has also been the creative mind behind many wrestling organizations. A master of his craft, Ken continues to teach the next generation, both those wishing to compete in the ring and those wishing to be a part of the behind the scenes product. This website will be your guide to Ken Wayne, full of features on his career both past and present.




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